TDP-series single punch pill press machine

  • TDP series single punch pill press machine have three models, namely TDP-1.5, TDP-5, TDP-6.
  • TDP series is characterized by easy to use, easy to maintain, small size, light weight, filling depth of material and thickness can pressure flexible adjustment.

Machine ModelTDP-1.5TDP-5TDP-6
Max. pressure 5 mins 5 mins 5 mins
Maximum pressing force 15Kn 50Kn 60KN
Max.Dia.of Tablet(mm) 12 Up to φ20 mm 1 10
Max.Depth of Fill(mm) 11 12 mm 18
Thickness of largest tablet (mm) 6 15 mm 60KN
Maximum pellet output 4000-6000 pcs/hour 4000-6000 pcs/hour 3600pcs/h
TDP-1.5 pill press machine

Machine ModelTDP-1.5
Max. pressure (kN) 15
Max. dia. of tablet (mm) 12
Max. depth of fill (mm) 16
Thickness of largest tablet (mm) 6
Maximum pellet output 6000 pcs/hour
Net weight (kg) 49
voltage 110V
Motor (W) 400
Machine size 400*350*610mm

TDP-5 pill press machine

Machine ModelTDP-5
Mould Changing Time 5 mins
Maximum pressing force 50Kn
Maximum pellet diameter Up to φ20 mm 
Maximum filling height 18 mm
Maximum thickness of tablet 6 mm
Maximum pellet output 4500 pcs/hour
Unit/shipping dimensions 680*350*610mm (LxWxH)
Power 10/220V 50/60Hz single phase, 750W
Motor speed 1400/1680 rpm
Machine weight 120kg

TDP-6 pill press machine

Machine ModelTDP-6
Max.production capacity 5000pcs/h
Max. Diameter of tablet 25mm
Max.Thickness of tablet 6mm
Max.Filling depth 16mm
Max.Main Pressure 60KN
Motor 220V/110V
Power 1.1KW
Machine weight 160kg

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