Introduction to the structure of the press machine

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

 The device structure of the pill press machine comprises a charging device, a transmission device and a housing part. Here to look at the specific structure between the explicit introduction.

 Pill press machine feeding device
 The device is composed of copper, adjusting screw, feeder and other components. The feeder is a lunar gate feeder which is fitted on a turntable. The gap between the tabulating feeder and the turntable working surface and the height of the hopper is adjusted according to the flowability of the granules.

 The transmission part of the tablet press is composed of a motor, timing belt wheel and worm gear reducer, test and wheel and so on. The motor is installed in the base of the motor base. After the motor is started, the power is transmitted to the reduction worm gear pair via a couple of timing belts. Electric speed is adjustable by AC variable frequency stepless speed regulation. Open the sides or the back door, can be directly observed and contact with these parts.

 Housing components
 ZP-5 pill press machine and ZP-9 pill press machine the shell is fully enclosed, in line with GMP requirements. The upper part is accompanied by four windows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The lower part of the stainless steel door is closed. In general, is locked off, only in the maintenance and installation of the die when the door to open. Install a console on the front of the machine. Compression chamber and the machine drive part of the stainless steel enclosures separated to ensure that the compression chamber clean and protects the transmission parts from powder pollution, corrosion.