Principle of pill press machine

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pill press machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories and enterprises, the principle of Pill press machine will not be very complicated, tablet press is around the main components of the diet work.

Specific principles:

Pill press machine the punch under the red part of the punch (the working position up) from the bottom hole in the hole in the mold, the bottom hole in the mold, the use of feeder to fill in the hole in the drug, the red Punch position (its working position down) from the top of the hole in the hole in the mold, and down a certain trip, the powder pressed into a film, the red to enhance the hole.

Under the red rise to the top of the mold hole in the table, to complete a compression process, the next washed down to the original position, ready to fill the next time.

We use a simple gift picture to illustrate.