Powder mixing machine

The Working Principle 0f Powder Mixing Machine

Mixer is the use of mechanical force and Gravitation, mixed up two or more items of machinery and equipment. In the process of mixing, can also increase the contact surface area to promote chemical reactions; also accelerates physical change.

Powder Mixing Machine Series Advantages

  • CH series slot mixer for the whole frame, sturdy, smooth operation, and stirring paddles and contacts are made entirely of stainless steel, has a good resistance to corrosion, maintain the quality of material and cleaning, do not change color.
  • SH series has a multidirectional movement, barrel material mixing, mixing effect, its blending uniformity than the general uniformity of mixer.
  • VH series mixing cylinder structure unique, mix, high efficiency, no buildup.
CH-series powder mixing machine

CH series trough mixer is designed for mixing powders and damp materials, which can make main and supplementary materials mixed evenly.

SH-series powder mixing machine

The SH Series Multi‚Äźdirectional Motions Mixer is a novelty material mixer, which is extensively used in Pharmacy, Chemical industry, Metallurgical Industry, Food, Light industry, Agriculture and so on. The machine can mix powder or granules very evenly, so that the mixed materials can reach their best effect.

V-series powder mixing machine

VH-series powder mixing machine market is relatively wide. These machines can be applied in the pharmaceuticals, chemical and food industries for mixing powder or granular materials.


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