Maintenance of powder mixing machine

Monday, October 17, 2016

 Powder mixing machine maintenance methods, including 5, the scientific and rational maintenance of the machine, the life of the machine has greatly improved.

 Maintenance of specific instructions

1, regular inspection of parts, 1-2 times per month, check the project for the worm, worm, bearings, shaft seals and other parts of the movement is flexible and wear and tear, found defects should be repaired in order to slot mixer normal use.
2, mechanical lubrications: reducer lubrication using oil-immersed, the oil reserves must be maintained in the oil standard line, oil must be kept clean. Such as frequent use should be every three months for a new oil, the replacement should be removed and cleaned the gear, with the fresh oil.
3, mixing machine electrical control parts, should be kept sterile, sensitive, should be promptly found fault repair.
4, the end of a single user or downtime, the mixing tank should be removed from the remaining material, brush the machine to clear various parts of the residual powder. If the deactivation time is long, the tank mixer must be completely wiped clean and covered with a tarpaulin.
5, mixing paddle should be installed when the demolition, stable equipment, light, so as to avoid deformation damage.