Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule filling machines faster, capsule filling machine for small size difference, shell powder capsule finishing finishing, capsule, Capsule cap cover set into one, compact and convenient. In addition order of capsule filling machines are fast, high efficiency, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low power consumption advantages are pharmaceutical companies, health products, and hospital preparation rooms, such as the preferred.

Liquid capsule filling machine

NJP-260 can use for filling liquid into different size capsules,usually the capsules should be sealed after filling within 2 hours by NSF-600,otherwise the liquid will leak out.

Pill Press Machine

Pill press machine capsule law's role is to be mounted in the box, and can effectively seal prevents air oxidation of capsule, pill press machine used for pharmaceutical and other industries.

Polishing and Sorting Machine

Polishing machines, also known as grinders, often used as a mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing. Its working principle is: motor drive mounted on a polishing machine, sponge or wool polishing high speed rotation, due to the interaction of buffing and polishing agents and friction with the parabolic surface, then to remove paint contamination, the oxide layer, the purpose of impressions.

Counting machine

Counting machines for the pharmaceutical, hospitals, food industry, capsules, tablets, granules, such as drugs or food counts. The small size, light weight, count, accurate, and easy operation. Count items contact surfaces are stainless steel, and related sectors is bottled, packaged, canned products count the ideal equipment.

Powder Mixing Machine

Common mechanical mixer is a pharmaceutical equipment. Mixer is the use of mechanical force and Gravitation, mixed up two or more items of machinery and equipment. In the process of mixing, can also increase the contact surface area to promote chemical reactions; also accelerates physical change.


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