The reason for loose plate of pill press machine and its solution

 Tablets of pill press machine is pressed into tablets, the hardness is not enough, there are holes on the surface, with your fingers gently pressurized or broken. Thursday, September 29, 2016

 Tablets of pill press machine is pressed into tablets, the hardness is not enough, there are holes on the surface, with your fingers gently pressurized or broken.

  1. The pressure is not sufficient. Wraparound: increase the pressure. However, for some special applications require considerable pressure, the pressure required to achieve the upper limit of the pressure of the press or the upper limit of pressure, the need to customize the pressure of the corresponding specifications of the tablet press.
  2. Pressure too little time, speed fast. The corresponding extended pressure time, increase preload, reduces the speed.
  3. Multi-punching machine on the punch length missing. Wraparound: adjust the punch.
  4. Active punch punches loose. .
  5. Drug crushing fineness is not sufficient, fibrous or elastic drug or oil content of the composition of more mixed non-uniform. The drug can be smashed over 100 mesh sieves. The use of adhesive strong adhesive, the appropriate increase in the pressure of the tablet press, increases the oil drug absorption agent to fully mix and other methods to overcome.
  6. Adhesive or wetting agent dosage is insufficient or improper selection, so that loose texture or uneven particle size distribution of coarse and fine grained layer. Can choose the appropriate adhesive or increase the amount, improve the granulation process, mixing more soft material, mixed particles and additional methods to be overcome.
  7. Particle moisture content is too small, to dry particles with greater flexibility, containing crystal water drugs in the process of drying more particles lose crystal water, so that the particles crisp, easy to lose pieces. Therefore, in the granulation, according to different varieties should control the water content of particles. If the particles are too monotonous, can be injected into the amount of dilute ethanol (50% -60%), after mixing tablet.
  8. The nature of the drug itself. Density of the tablet out of a certain degree of hardness, but cannot withstand the collision and shaking. Such as bismuth nitrate tablets, soda films are often easy to produce loose film phenomenon; density, poor mobility, poor compressibility, re-granulation.
  9. particles of poor mobility. Fill in the hole in the mold particles are uneven.
  10. There are bigger pieces or particles, debris blocking scraper and cutting mouth, affecting the filling volume.
  11. When the hopper in the granule for a long time. Should be added to the copper particles to maintain a certain amount of stock.