The introduction of automatic capsule filling machine

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

 Integrated with machine, electricity and gas, automatic capsule filling machine adopts microcomputer programmable controller, touch panel operation and electronic automatic counting device. It has features of agile action, accurate filling dosage and convenient operation. It can automatically fill out the whole process including positioning, separation, filling and locking capsules. The machine effectively reduces the labor intensity and increases the production efficiency, and meets the GMP requirements.

NJP series capsule filling machine picture description NJP series capsule filling machine picture description(800,1200,2000,3500)

 Currently, for foreign automatic capsule filling machine, there are mainly GKF models of BOSCH in Germany, MG series of MG2 in Italy, and products of Parke Davis company in the United States; and most of domestic fully-auto capsule filling machines imitate German GKF models, and the most advanced is the NJP series, but the processing precision is slightly inferior, so domestic capsule filling machine is noisy and has poor stability.

 According to the movement of its working table, automatic capsule filling machine is divided into intermittent motion machines (represented by GKF models of BOSCH) and continuous motion machines (represented by MG2's MG series). Now in the domestic, intermittent motion machines account for most of them.