How to choose a capsule filling machine

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Capsule filling machine of the HuadaCN production with stable quality, fast speed, low energy consumption. Here's how to select a few points of capsule filling machine.

1. Machine use: capsule filling machine is mainly used to fill grain, powder, decide on a device, select the right equipment based on product characteristics, yield.

2. The price of the machine: the price of the same type of machine producers are not the same, compare the manufacturer's price, choose the right price.

3. The machine's quality: the quality of the equipment is very important factor, you can visit. Study to focus on major aspects, but also to pay attention to small details,. Often determines the quality of the machine. No

Field trips, can also communicate with the manufacturer, through the website, pictures and other forms of knowledge of machine equipment.

4. The brand of the machine: select companies with a reputation is very important to protect, pre-market after-sales service, to more quickly solve the problem of the machine.

These 4 points are selected capsule filling machine, you can purchase the exact products according to their needs.