Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine NJP Series

NJP Fully automatic hard empty capsule filling machine is usd for capsule loading, capsule separating, powder filling, and capsule locking. Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is suitable for filling different types of powder, granules, or pellets. The capsules can be used varies from sizes #000 to #5. Different filling weights can be adjustable with PLC controler.

The Difference Between NJP-D series and NJP-C Series

NJP-D series non-HuadaCN products are available on the market. The following characteristics are not specified. Please carefully check whether the manufacturer has the following features and patents. Avoid buying NJP-C models that just replace the appearance.

The NJP-C series is the main product of the HuadaCN automatic capsule filling machines. It is an upgraded version of the A and E series, adding modern information technology modules.

  1. The transmission part adopts a springless design, which makes the movement mechanism more accurate;
  2. Closed lubrication system and timed quantitative automatic lubrication of each transmission part improve service life;
  3. The upper and lower locking structures are adopted to avoid locking the capsule and scraping off the medicine;
  4. The liquid crystal display can be used for automatic alarm and automatic shutdown in the absence of capsules, powder shortage, vacuum failure, machine door release, etc.
  5. It can be filled with various cleaning liquids to clean and disinfect the inner hole of the mold, which improve the probability of capsules and the difference in drug loading;
  6. Separation of “machine” and “electricity” is convenient and safe to clean;
  7. Using the patented technology of the two-group gas source, the capsule occupancy rate is improved, and the flying of caps and over suction of the capsule bottom is avoided;
  8. The ultra-low station turntable design reduces the inertia of the rotary table and the wear of the parts, prolonging the service life of the cam indexing box, and making the whole machine more stable.

The NJP-D series is a new generation of automatic capsule filling machine from HuadaCN. It is an upgraded version of the NJP-C series. The loading accuracy is increased by 2 times. It is more convenient and quick to disassemble and maintain.

  1. The pod-splitting mechanism uses split-type design and fully enclosed structure (patented technology) to prevent the capsule from falling into the pod-transmission chamber abnormally, ensuring that the capsule moves normally and without obstacles.
  2. In the uniform filling mechanism of the powder (patented technology), the special-shaped multi-curved powder structure (patented technology) and the lateral oblique feeding structure (patented technology) make the powder distribution in the storage chamber extremely uniform, the flow direction correct, and the flow rate smooth, achieving extremely accurate drug loading accuracy.
  3. Modular punch seat mechanism (patented technology), with double-section hopper, is easy to disassemble and install, and it has accurate position.
  4. The secondary emergence structure (patented technology) effectively prevents the finished product from being mechanically pinched when it is discharged.
  5. Integrated modular ultra-precision turntable (patented technology) has small size, light load, long service life, which can achive three years of maintenance-free maintenance.
Machine Model NJP-400C NJP-800C NJP-1200C NJP-2000C NJP-3500C NJP-1200D NJP-3000D
Max capacity(capsules/hour) 24,000 48,000 54,000 90,000 180,000 72,000 165,000
Suit for capsule size 00#-5# and safety capsule
No.of mould bores 3 6 9 18 24 9 21
Machine dimensions(cm) 75x70x170 108x124x193 118x134x198 150x135x210 139x116x210 98x98x210 161x121x218
Net weight(kg) 700 800 1,000 1,600 2,500 1,000 2,200
Power(kW) 5.05 6 6 10 12 7 11
Noise <75dB <70dB

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