Capsule filling machine brief description of how to maintain

Introduction to the models Sunday, September 18, 2016

Introduction to the models:

Capsule filling machine adopts the obturator type filling, indirect operation, frequency adjusting speed, suitable for powder or pellets capsule drug automatically broadcast cystic, cystic, filling, (waste bag removed) tasks lock sac and waste outputs. Parts in contact with drug taking high quality stainless steel precision production, cleaning set, conform to "GMP" standard.

Capsule filling machine is the latest construction fully enclosed 10-station rotary table, high precision, low noise, so I don't have to worry about in the maintenance, but you are required to pay attention to a few points.

Brief description of the service:

Machine normal work time more long Shi, to timing on and drug directly contact of parts for clean, bang change drug batch or stopped with time more long Shi, also to for cleanup; machine task table Xia of drive institutions to often amount to increased lubricants, to reduced movement parts of wear; main drive reducer monthly to view 1 times oil volume, missing Shi to timely refueling, each half replaced 1 times lubricants; drive chain should weekly check 1 times, and added amount of grease, has need needed from scratch tightened.