A160 Bottle Unscrambler

The motor drives the bottle plate through the gear drive. The bottle inside the bucket bottle through the bottle will disk half slot bottle from the bottle bottom disk to rotate above the bottle tray, the semicircular groove of the bottle after bottle tilting mechanism Bottle Unscrambler, automatic bottle down the bottom of the bottle in the bottle on the flip finish bottle, adjust the speed change of the vase a number of bottles. When the storage bin reaches a certain amount, the bottle feeding machine stops.

PBDS Tablets or Capsules Electronic Counter

Equipped with Premium Infrared Sensor to increase the infrared intensity automatically for 100% counting accuracy .Suitable for counting any sizes and shapes of capsules, softgels, tablets, round pills and other solid materials.Maximum counting amount is up to 9,999 pcs per container. Equipped with a buffer bucket to blockade the capsules/tablets fallings while containers are moving. This design allows the vibrating feeder continuous running.

C120 Desiccant inserter machine

The block bottle air cylinder on the passing bottle-track of the conveying bottle system make the bottles which came from the previous equipment stay in the drying agent filling position,waiting to be filled in the drying agent.The bottle mouth faces to the clipping system correctly.Stepping motor drives the bag conveying system,pull the drying agent bags out from the drying agent plate. Color mark sensor tests the drying agent bags and control the length of the bags then the bags are clipped into the bottles.The conveyor belt of the conveying bottle system convey the bottles which have been filled in the drying agent to the next equipment.At the same time,the bottles which are waiting for filling supplement to the drying agent bag filling position .

D902 Capping machine

The bottle caps neatened by the cap neatening device ,the bottle caps with mouth up are carried to the caps collecting guideway,the bottles come from other equipment of the assembly line enter the caps collecting area.The bottles move ahead with clamping of the two sides clamping device then the caps match the bottles automatically.The cap pressing device press the caps to the pre-tight situation before rotating the caps.Under the function of three pairs of high speed rotating wearable rubber wheels, the caps match with the bottles tightly.

JF-2 Sealing machine

The bottles with aluminium foil pass under the inductive head, the aluminium foil heats after receiving the energy produced by the inductive head.The heated aluminium foil melt the plastic film attached to the aluminium foil and glue to the bottle mouth so it can achieve the sealing effect.

JF-201 Label machine

The bottles which are needed labelling transfer by the bottle carrying guideway separate at the same distance by the bottle distance adjustment device, the photoelectric sensor can feel the bottles passing by and send out the signal.After getting the signal, the driving system opens to send the label.tension system makes the label paper achieve tensioning effect.then code by the coding machine,the orientation of label paper photoelectric sensor locate according to the length of the paper and make the label paper have the same distance.Under the function of the label sticking part and label pressing part, the label paper strip away automatically, and stick to the demand location smoothly to finish the entire label sticking process.


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