Automatic capsule filling machine maintenance

Thursday, March 02, 2017

HuadaCN production and development of various series of capsule filling machine. Following is sorting and collecting automatic capsule filling machine maintenance information. Understanding and maintenance of capsule filling machine can operate better machines, prolonging the time machine.

When using automatic capsule filling machines, need to pay attention to the following points:

1. check the oil: in the face of each machine to check at least once a month the main drive gear reducer oil, oil enough without adding enough to refuel when, in addition to outside checks added fuel, change the lubricant every six months must; dial-position indexing box change the lubricant every operating 3000h, according to mechanical properties using matching oil.

2. Lubricate: automatic capsule filling machine under the work surface of the drive mechanism must always amount to add lubricating oil to reduce wear on the moving parts to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

3. Clean parts: the machines work properly after a period of time, some internal parts of the machine remain drug powder, we have time to clean up. When replacing a different drug patch, or when a machine is stopped for a long time, has to be cleaned up.

4. transmission chain: drive chain check at least 1 times a week, first check the chain operation, chain too loose will cause wear to the machine, so to be replaced or tightened, the minor addition of lubricants, often wear so lubricated chain works is to protect the machine normal operation.

5. safety clutch: clutch is overload protection, the most important is the round nut of the clutch is loose and normally does not slip of the clutch is working properly, but due to the long time use round nut may loosen the slip phenomenon, when this happens tighten round nut can.

6. Separator vacuum: vacuum separation in the role of the cam in unsafe movement up and down once, capsule hat, isolated, for the remainder of the fill. Vacuum separation on the plane and the gap between the under surface of the module under improperly will cause the capsule cannot be completed. Clearance had Ambassador vacuum degrees up not to requirements so CAP, and body on cannot normal of separation, vacuum system of filter device to regularly open cleanup off jam of dirt real, to guarantee vacuum system has enough of vacuum degrees; clearance had small and easy makes space insufficient produced against makes Xia module deformation, so found cannot normal of will cap, and body separate Shi, to adjustment vacuum separation device of location.

Above 6 points is a fully automatic capsule filling machine maintenance, you can accord with the use of specific maintenance and repair work.

How to choose a capsule filling machine

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Capsule filling machine of the HuadaCN production with stable quality, fast speed, low energy consumption. Here's how to select a few points of capsule filling machine.

1. Machine use: capsule filling machine is mainly used to fill grain, powder, decide on a device, select the right equipment based on product characteristics, yield.

2. The price of the machine: the price of the same type of machine producers are not the same, compare the manufacturer's price, choose the right price.

3. The machine's quality: the quality of the equipment is very important factor, you can visit. Study to focus on major aspects, but also to pay attention to small details,. Often determines the quality of the machine. No

Field trips, can also communicate with the manufacturer, through the website, pictures and other forms of knowledge of machine equipment.

4. The brand of the machine: select companies with a reputation is very important to protect, pre-market after-sales service, to more quickly solve the problem of the machine.

These 4 points are selected capsule filling machine, you can purchase the exact products according to their needs.

How to choose pill press machine manufacturer

Sunday, October 23, 2016

 We understand that the role of the tablet press is to make powder into a fixed shape of the flakes, and the principle of the pill press machine is not complicated. So if go to buy a high-quality machines, how to choose the manufacturer? To select the tablet press as an example, the following teaches you how to choose a pill press machine manufacturer.

 Here are a few ways to try:

 1. All types of machinery products, in addition to the requirements of our quality clearance, but also the need for high-quality after-sales service, a good pill press machine manufacturer will provide excellent after-sales service. So before you purchase, may wish to plant inspection and comparison.

 2. Understand the production scale and product range of the pill press machine manufacturer.

 3. Through the official website to understand the manufacturer's development history and product information, come up with manufacturer to visit.

 Above is a few simple methods for everyone to reflect on.

Principle of pill press machine

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pill press machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories and enterprises, the principle of Pill press machine will not be very complicated, tablet press is around the main components of the diet work.

Specific principles:

Pill press machine the punch under the red part of the punch (the working position up) from the bottom hole in the hole in the mold, the bottom hole in the mold, the use of feeder to fill in the hole in the drug, the red Punch position (its working position down) from the top of the hole in the hole in the mold, and down a certain trip, the powder pressed into a film, the red to enhance the hole.

Under the red rise to the top of the mold hole in the table, to complete a compression process, the next washed down to the original position, ready to fill the next time.

We use a simple gift picture to illustrate.

Maintenance of powder mixing machine

Monday, October 17, 2016

 Powder mixing machine maintenance methods, including 5, the scientific and rational maintenance of the machine, the life of the machine has greatly improved.

 Maintenance of specific instructions

1, regular inspection of parts, 1-2 times per month, check the project for the worm, worm, bearings, shaft seals and other parts of the movement is flexible and wear and tear, found defects should be repaired in order to slot mixer normal use.
2, mechanical lubrications: reducer lubrication using oil-immersed, the oil reserves must be maintained in the oil standard line, oil must be kept clean. Such as frequent use should be every three months for a new oil, the replacement should be removed and cleaned the gear, with the fresh oil.
3, mixing machine electrical control parts, should be kept sterile, sensitive, should be promptly found fault repair.
4, the end of a single user or downtime, the mixing tank should be removed from the remaining material, brush the machine to clear various parts of the residual powder. If the deactivation time is long, the tank mixer must be completely wiped clean and covered with a tarpaulin.
5, mixing paddle should be installed when the demolition, stable equipment, light, so as to avoid deformation damage.

The introduction of automatic capsule filling machine

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

 Integrated with machine, electricity and gas, automatic capsule filling machine adopts microcomputer programmable controller, touch panel operation and electronic automatic counting device. It has features of agile action, accurate filling dosage and convenient operation. It can automatically fill out the whole process including positioning, separation, filling and locking capsules. The machine effectively reduces the labor intensity and increases the production efficiency, and meets the GMP requirements.

NJP series capsule filling machine picture description NJP series capsule filling machine picture description(800,1200,2000,3500)

 Currently, for foreign automatic capsule filling machine, there are mainly GKF models of BOSCH in Germany, MG series of MG2 in Italy, and products of Parke Davis company in the United States; and most of domestic fully-auto capsule filling machines imitate German GKF models, and the most advanced is the NJP series, but the processing precision is slightly inferior, so domestic capsule filling machine is noisy and has poor stability.

 According to the movement of its working table, automatic capsule filling machine is divided into intermittent motion machines (represented by GKF models of BOSCH) and continuous motion machines (represented by MG2's MG series). Now in the domestic, intermittent motion machines account for most of them.

Introduction to the structure of the press machine

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

 The device structure of the pill press machine comprises a charging device, a transmission device and a housing part. Here to look at the specific structure between the explicit introduction.

 Pill press machine feeding device
 The device is composed of copper, adjusting screw, feeder and other components. The feeder is a lunar gate feeder which is fitted on a turntable. The gap between the tabulating feeder and the turntable working surface and the height of the hopper is adjusted according to the flowability of the granules.

 The transmission part of the tablet press is composed of a motor, timing belt wheel and worm gear reducer, test and wheel and so on. The motor is installed in the base of the motor base. After the motor is started, the power is transmitted to the reduction worm gear pair via a couple of timing belts. Electric speed is adjustable by AC variable frequency stepless speed regulation. Open the sides or the back door, can be directly observed and contact with these parts.

 Housing components
 ZP-5 pill press machine and ZP-9 pill press machine the shell is fully enclosed, in line with GMP requirements. The upper part is accompanied by four windows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The lower part of the stainless steel door is closed. In general, is locked off, only in the maintenance and installation of the die when the door to open. Install a console on the front of the machine. Compression chamber and the machine drive part of the stainless steel enclosures separated to ensure that the compression chamber clean and protects the transmission parts from powder pollution, corrosion.

Powder mixing machine maintenance methods

Monday, October 10, 2016

 Powder mixing machine is the point of mechanical and gravity, etc., will be two or more materials evenly mixed mechanical equipment. During the mixing process, it is possible to increase the contact surface area of the material to promote the chemical reaction; also to accelerate the physical changes. So after use, how do we keep it?

 Powder mixing machine maintenance methods:

1, the discharge mechanism should maintain a flexible movement, and should always remove dust.

2, the bearings should be routinely replaced with grease, grease should be used sodium-based grease.

3, the transmission chain should be the appropriate amount of mechanical oil brush, and regularly clean the chain.

4, the general uses of lubricating oil 30-40 machine oil.

5, the first refueling should be 500 hours, that should be replaced with new oil, after the work in a row, replaced every six months (8 hours work), such as working long hours, may be appropriate to shorten the oil change time.

Resulting in insufficient filling reasons

Sunday, October 09, 2016

There are several reasons for the insufficient filling of the capsule filling machine.

The reason:
1: powder itself is poor mobility;
2: powder viscosity too;
3: powder cited wet too;
4: particles of water is too high;
5: too much oil particles;
6: particles too big;

Special Note: Regardless of tablets, granules, capsules, leading to differences in equipment is almost the same reason.

The reason for lobes of tablet machine and its solution

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tablet machine is the vibration or by placing, there are from the waist split called the lumbar fissure, split from the top called the top crack, lumbar fissure and the top crack, collectively referred to as lobes.