What is Blister Pack

Blister packs are used primarily for pharmaceutical packaging. In addition to the packaging for pharmaceutical products such as pharmaceutical tablets and capsule suppositories, blister packaging is also widely used in the sales and packaging of food, cosmetics, toys, gifts, tools and electromechanical parts.

Why using blister packs

Compared with bottled drugs, blister packs have the advantage of being easy to carry, which can reduce the pollution caused by the drug during carrying and taking. Blister packs have significant advantages in gas barrier, moisture permeability, hygienic safety, drug efficiency in production, dose accuracy and extended shelf life.

The good barrier performance of blister packaging is due to its choice of aluminum foil and plastic hard sheet material. The aluminum box has a highly dense metal crystal structure with good barrier and opacity. The plastic hard sheet has enough oxygen and carbon dioxide. And it has high water vapor barrier performance, high transparency, high mechanical strength that is not easy to crack. At present, the more common medical blister packaging materials are PVC sheets and PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride).

PVC has good compatibility which is easy to form and seal with low price. Its transparency, barrier and mechanical strength can basically meet the requirements of pharmaceutical packaging. But the ability to block water vapor and thermal stability is poor, so for those medicine whose requirements for moisture resistance are high, PVC is not satisfactory.

PVDC has high molecular density, high crystallinity and transparency, and good weather resistance. PVDC film is a film with good barrier performance. The PVDC film with the same thickness is 1500 times more resistant to oxygen than PE, and it is 100 times than PP and PET. Moreover, its barrier property to water vapor is also higher than that of PVC, which is an ideal material for blister packaging. Multi-layer composite hard sheets are made of PVDC combined with other film or coated materials, such as PVC / PVIXBOPP / PVDC, PVC / PVDC / PE, PVDC / OPP / PE, etc., whose oxygen permeability, moisture permeability, moisture resistance, and barrier properties are significantly higher than single materials.

Another advantage of blister packaging is that the fully automated packaging process greatly protects the safety of the pharmaceutical packaging. With a fully automatic blister packaging machine, the blister forming, drug filling, sealing, forming of the outer carton, folding and insertion of the instructions, blistering of the box and carton sealing, all of these processes complete at one time, which are safe and hygienic. In addition to the high degree of automation, advanced models also have a number of safety testing devices, including the identification and testing of the box and instructions, which can greatly improve safety and hygiene, and effectively reduce the misassembly of drugs.

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