Pharmaceutical Induction Mixer / Blender

According to the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry for the uniformity of powder mixing, it is inevitable to select industrial grade mixers. For different requirements towards thickness, fluidity, water content, materials, cleaning and GMP operation, choose different Mixer.

How to choose a right mixer

Mixer Type Particle Size(mm) Dynamic Angle of Repose Moisture Content Material difference High Wear Difficulty in Discharging Difficulty in Cleaning Suitable for Aseptic Production
>1.0 0.1-1.0 0.01-0.1 <1μm <35° 35°-45° >45° Strong stickiness Dry Wet Small Large
Container rotation V type easy easy
Double cone easy easy
SH type easy easy
Square cone easy easy
Container fixing CH type easy middle
Vertical ribbon easy easy
Planetary cone easy hard
Airflow easy easy
Compound type One-dimension middle middle
Two-dimension easy easy
V-type with blade easy middle
Double cone  with blade easy middle

O : Fully applicable, △: Applicable

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