Automatic capsule filling machine maintenance

Thursday, March 02, 2017

HuadaCN production and development of various series of capsule filling machine. Following is sorting and collecting automatic capsule filling machine maintenance information. Understanding and maintenance of capsule filling machine can operate better machines, prolonging the time machine.

When using automatic capsule filling machines, need to pay attention to the following points:

1. check the oil: in the face of each machine to check at least once a month the main drive gear reducer oil, oil enough without adding enough to refuel when, in addition to outside checks added fuel, change the lubricant every six months must; dial-position indexing box change the lubricant every operating 3000h, according to mechanical properties using matching oil.

2. Lubricate: automatic capsule filling machine under the work surface of the drive mechanism must always amount to add lubricating oil to reduce wear on the moving parts to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

3. Clean parts: the machines work properly after a period of time, some internal parts of the machine remain drug powder, we have time to clean up. When replacing a different drug patch, or when a machine is stopped for a long time, has to be cleaned up.

4. transmission chain: drive chain check at least 1 times a week, first check the chain operation, chain too loose will cause wear to the machine, so to be replaced or tightened, the minor addition of lubricants, often wear so lubricated chain works is to protect the machine normal operation.

5. safety clutch: clutch is overload protection, the most important is the round nut of the clutch is loose and normally does not slip of the clutch is working properly, but due to the long time use round nut may loosen the slip phenomenon, when this happens tighten round nut can.

6. Separator vacuum: vacuum separation in the role of the cam in unsafe movement up and down once, capsule hat, isolated, for the remainder of the fill. Vacuum separation on the plane and the gap between the under surface of the module under improperly will cause the capsule cannot be completed. Clearance had Ambassador vacuum degrees up not to requirements so CAP, and body on cannot normal of separation, vacuum system of filter device to regularly open cleanup off jam of dirt real, to guarantee vacuum system has enough of vacuum degrees; clearance had small and easy makes space insufficient produced against makes Xia module deformation, so found cannot normal of will cap, and body separate Shi, to adjustment vacuum separation device of location.

Above 6 points is a fully automatic capsule filling machine maintenance, you can accord with the use of specific maintenance and repair work.