HuaDa Pharma Equipment Machinery Co., Ltd

HuaDa pharma equipment machinery factory is china wenzhou, china medical equipment association, science and technology association. under the "huada pharmaceutical machinery manufacturing institute", specializing in the production of various pharmaceutical machinery.

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Classification Of Pharma Equipment

Pharma equipment includes capsule filling machine, capsule polishing machine, capsule counting machine, powder mixing machine and pill press. products through the introduction of advanced international technical and practical conditions for the development of ten patents and production processes in full compliance with the standard GMP.

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Application Of Pharma Equipment

The pharmaceutical process has several sets of production lines, according to the different needs of the application of different pharmaceutical machinery processing.

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News & Events

Throughout the year, HuadaCN hosts and participates in numerous tradeshows, scientific symposia, seminars and other events around the world. Each of these activities gives us an opportunity to showcase our latest products and services, build relationships with customers and partners, and share and gain invaluable insights. Below you will find information about some of the more significant upcoming events where HuadaCN will be represented.