NJP-D-Series Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-D fully automatic capsule filling machine has several models available and all the models have following four features.

  • Powder filling system is very high filling accuracy.
  • The fully enclosed design of the split and capsule feeding system prevents capsules which fall into the capsule transfer chamber inappropriately and ensures smooth operation of the capsule.
  • The capsule-type rjrction system effectively protects the filled capsules from breaking by the machine.
  • And ultra-precision integrated rotary table has a similar small size, light weight load, long life, three years of free oil maintenance and so on.
Machine ModelNJP-1200DNJP-3000D
Max capacity 72000capsules /hour 165000capsules /hour
Suit for capsule size 00#-5# and safety capsule 00#-5# and safety capsule
No.of mould bores 9 21
Machine dimensions 980 * 980 * 2100mm 1610 * 1210 * 2180mm
Net weight 1000KG 2200KG
Power 380 / 220V 50 / 60Hzēš„ēš„7kw 380 / 220V 50 / 60Hz 11kw
Noise <70dB <70dB
NJP-1200D fully automatic capsule filling machine


  • The split-type design of the capsule loading mechanism and the patented fully-enclosed structure prevent the capsules from improperly falling into the capsule transmission room and ensure the capsules to perform smoothly.
  • The patented powder filling mechanism includes several patented techniques like the irregular multi-surface powder keeper, the lateral angled feeder, etc., which makes the powder evenly distribute within the powder storage room, correctly and smoothly flow into the capsules, and achieves an extremely precise capsule filling process.
  • The patented modular punch as well as the bi-nodal feed hopper is of simple dismounting and with accurate positioning.
  • The patented capsule ejection system effectively protects the filled capsules from breaking by the machine.

Working Video

Machine ModelNJP-1200D
Max capacity 72000capsules/hour
Suit for capsule size 00#-5#and safety capsule A-B
No.of mould bores 9
Machine dimensions 980*980*2100mm
Net weight 1000kg
Power 380/220v 50/60Hz 7kw
Noise <70dB

NJP-3000D fully automatic capsule filling machine


  • The patented integrated rotary table with ultra-precision has features like small size, light load, long service life, three years free of oil and maintenance and so on.
  • The whole set of the molds and all the parts that need daily cleaning and maintenance are equipped with locating pins, and the connection as well as fastening among different parts is extremely simple. As the fastening tool is standardized in size, a small spanner can easily dismount all the parts.
  • The host is intelligent remote controlled. By using the remote control to jog and test-run the machine after cleaning and maintaining the molds or equipment, the operation becomes easy and safe.
  • All the connectors of the air pipes apply standardized clamps, which are much easier to dismantle and clean than others.

Working Video

Machine ModelNJP-3000D
Max capacity 165000capsules/hour
Suit for capsule size 00#-5#and safety capsule A-B
No.of mould bores 21
Machine dimensions 1610*1210*2180mm
Net weight 2200kg
Power 380/220v 50/60Hz 11kw
Noise <70dB

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